The opportunities and challenges of floating offshore wind

Offshore wind power is one of the main renewable energy sources leading the way to net zero. The first offshore wind turbines in the UK were installed about 20 years ago, and the market has grown exponentially since then, with over 10GW of offshore wind now installed.

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Reports & Thought Leadership

At the heart of the FOW CoE is the accumulation of knowledge and expertise in the field of floating wind and using this to support the growth in the sector. For this reason, we believe it is important to share with the wider industry some key insights gained via the delivery of our diverse project portfolio. Such insight can improve the transparency of developer requirements that assists supply chain in their understanding of the products and services in demand and can clarify key risks and opportunities across the sector. It is also a valuable resource for key public sector institutions, who determine the structure and mechanisms of which the industry follows.

We communicate this information primarily via our public reports on specific projects delivered and thought leadership articles of specific topics of focus.

Image: A close-up of a turbine at sea

Key industry reports

From risks and opportunities, to supply chain and roadmaps, we’ve included the latest and most crucial reports to the industry of floating offshore wind.
Image: Turbine at sea, part of a floating wind network

FOW CoE Thought Leadership

Putting a spotlight on our expertise, we’ve created these ‘Thought Leadership’ pieces to show trends, opportunities and developments that could change the entire sector. Read on to find out more.
Team at work on a floating turbine, contributing to the wind network.
Programmes 2023

Strategic Programmes

The FOW CoE runs a range of strategic programmes, alongside its core work programme. These have been developed as large-scale, longer-term projects, which will deliver significant impact in specific high priority areas.

In 2023, the FOW CoE launched a number of targeted strategic programmes. Each will deliver significant medium-term (2-5 years) impact in specific high priority areas.

The global opportunity is set to grow significantly, with potential for over 10GW of installed capacity by 2030

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