FOW CoE: Mooring and Anchoring Systems Technology Framework

To support the growing floating offshore wind industry, the need for developing reliable mooring and anchoring technologies with a secure supply chain is critical.

Mooring and anchoring (M&A) components have been used in the oil and gas sector for many years, however floating wind brings new challenges. It is recognised that many of the components, sub-systems and systems utilised in mooring and anchoring (M&A) of floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs) will not be novel in themselves, but the application area and operating conditions are new – mooring spread designs, water depths, metocean conditions, and floater motions will all be different in floating wind in comparison to oil and gas.

Introducing novelty into an M&A system may introduce uncertainties regarding short and long term performance of the complete FOWT system and this requires careful consideration to ensure robust and reliable products and project development.


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Image: Turbine at sea, part of a floating wind network
Photo of the Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm project courtesy of Principle Power

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